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Fire Department


Wildfires are capable of spreading at an astonishing rate.  Forest fires can spread through the crowns of trees at up to 15 kilometres per hour.  In Ontario, wildfire is a natural phenomenon.  Over the last several centuries, large areas of Ontario have been burned over repeatedly.  Lightning is considered the only natural cause of wildfires.  However, 90% of all wildfires that start within  3 km of our communities are attributed to human activity.  On average, over 1,200 wildfires are started in the province each year consuming over 200,000 hectares of forests and grass lands annually.  Sometimes families have been evacuated from their communities and homes and cottages have been destroyed.

In O’Connor, we live in a forested region, often referred to as the wildland/urban “interface” and sooner or later we may have to contend with the threat of a wildfire.  To read more about the Township of O’Connor’s community risk assessment and preventative measures, please click on the link  O’Connor Community Wildland Fire Protection Plan.

Prevention of wildfire and being FireSmart is the best protection against loss, damage or injury.For more information, please come by the municipal office during regular office hours at 330 Highway 595.  Here we have pamphlets and handouts to provide you with information and ideas for steps you can take to reduce your risk.  For a map of the Township of O’Connor exhibiting our wildland fire hazard, please follow the link below.

Township of O’Connor Wildland Fire Hazard


Click on the links below to get more information on how you can protect your family from fire and carbon monoxide.



The O’Connor Fire Department has for purchase Kidde

Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarms…$25.00

Combination Smoke/CO Alarms.$35.00

These units can be picked up at the O’Connor Municipal Office during regular office hours.



The Township of O’Connor is always seeking capable men and women to volunteer as firefighters and first response members, as well as members for our fire department auxiliary.  Our community needs volunteers to ensure that in the event of an emergency, our residents will be taken care of as fast as possible.  See details below.

As a volunteer firefighter, you would be expected to;

  • Meet twice a month for training and equipment checks,
  • Inspect and maintain firetrucks and equipment,
  • Drive firetrucks and emergency vehicles (with a DZ licence),
  • Respond to fires and MVA’s (Motor Vehicle Accident),
  • Assist people in distress,
  • Operate fire fighting equipment to extinguish fires.

As a volunteer first responder, you would be expected to;

  • Meet twice a month for training and equipment checks,
  • Inspect and maintain emergency medical services vehicles and equipment,
  • Drive emergency medical services vehicles (with a DZ licence),
  • Respond to emergency medical calls and MVA’s,
  • Perform CPR and first aid as needed,

As a volunteer firefighter or first responder, you will;

  • NOT be expected to have specific training in order to apply – Training IS provided,
  • NOT be expected to enter a burning building or put yourself in harms way,
  • NOT be expected to be a resident of O’Connor.

As a member of the Fire Department Auxiliary, you would be expected to;

  • Help support and raise funds for the O’Connor Volunteer Fire Department,
  • Meet once a month for meetings

There is NO medical required.  Applicants must be 18 or older.  Applicants age 16-17 may apply for a position of Junior Firefighter.

Men or  women interested in becoming a volunteer firefighter or first responder with the Township of O’Connor Fire Department must complete an application form.  Click here for a Volunteer Application form.  Forms are also available at the Township of O’Connor Office at 330 Highway 595 during regular office hours.  Please call Henry Mattas at 473-9511 for any questions regarding volunteer firefighting.  To see scheduled meetings, please check the Events page on this website.