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Township Policies




1.1 Policy for Snowplowing
1.2 Policy for Sanding
1.3 Policy for Dust Control
1.4 Policy for Brushing & Ditching
1.5 Policy for Opening Roads
1.6 Policy for Township Equipment Rates on Private Property
1.7 Policy for Mobile Equipment
1.8 Removal of Dead Animals on Township Roads


2.1 Hiring New Employees, By-Law 2004-14
2.2 Policy for Vacation Days
2.3 Policy for Retirement – Dates
2.4 Policy for Retirement – Benefits
2.5 Policy for Municipal Enforcement Provincial Offences Officer
2.6 Health & Safety Policy
2.7 Policy for Progressive Discipline
2.8 Policy for Administrative Benefits and Wage Review
2.9 Policy for Employee Code of Conduct
2.10 Accessible Employment Policy
2.11 Part-Time Non-Union Employee Wage Review


3.1 Policy for Delegation or Powers and Duties, (By-Law 2007-19)
3.2 Policy for Attendance at Meetings
3.3 Policy for Supplying Light Dinner at Council Meetings starting at 6:00 PM or Earlier
3.4 Policy for Payment for our Representatives on Board
3.5 Conflict of Interest – Schedule B – Bylaw 2000-09 Pertaining to POA
3.6 Policy for Structure for All Departments
3.7 Policy for Meal allowance
3.8 Staff and Council Member Training Courses
3.9 Municipal Council and Employee Indemnification (Schedule A – By-law 2007-14)
3.10 Policy for Workplace Harassment/Violence
3.11 Substance Abuse Policy
3.12 Policy for Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP)
3.13 Policy for Student Councillor
3.14 Anti-Stigma Policy
3.15 Policy for Medical Use of Cannabis in the Workplace
3.16 Council Representation at Non-Political Functions
3.17 Code of Conduct for Council Members
3.18 Council Member Pregnancy and/or Parental Leave Policy
3.19 Council Staff Relation Policy


4.1 Policy for Tax Payments
4.2 Policy – Provision of Notice – By-law 2007-24
4.3 Policy for Public Works
4.4 Policy – Procurement By-law 2004-15 as amended
4.5 Policy for Submission of Tenders and Quotations
4.6 Policy for Garden Suites
4.7 Policy for the handing out of Commemorative Plaques
4.8 Policy for Disposal Site
4.9 Policy – Establish Misc Fees – (By-law 2012-25 as amended)
4.10 Policy for Giving out Information
4.11 Policy for Hall Rentals for non-profit Events
4.12 Policy for O’Connor Day
4.13 Policy for Summer office hours
4.14 Policy for Sending Flowers or Fruit Baskets
4.15 Accounting Policy for Tangible Capital Assets (TCA)
4.16 Accessibility Policy
4.17 Accountability and Transparency (By-law 2007-20)
4.18 Policy for Dogs running at Large
4.19 Policy for the Interment Council Members and Employees
4.20 Policy for Placement and Use of Video Surveillance Equipment on The Township of O’Connor Municipal         Grounds
4.21 Complaint Policy

          4.22 Tree Canopy Policy

4.23 Strategic Asset Management Policy