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Grants and Funding Announcements

As a rural and northern municipality of Ontario, the Township of O’Connor is increasingly challenged to meet the expectations of our residents and the requirements of the upper tiers of government.  In an effort to keep costs affordable and continue to provide and improve our services to our residents, the Staff and Council of the Township of O’Connor work on and submit applications for eligible funding.  Listed below are funding and grants that the Township of O’Connor have received.

2022 – Government of Canada – Canada Healthy Communities Initiative, $45,116

The Healthy Communities Initiative is a $60 million investment from the Government of Canada to transform public spaces in response to COVID-19.  Public spaces are the glue to our communities: they enable a feeling of belonging, of social cohesion and encourage our sense of collective identity.  COVID-19 has seriously constrained our access and use of these spaces in communities across Canada. Impacts of the virus have also been extraordinarily uneven, underscoring inequalities across communities and disproportionately impacting those who are already experiencing vulnerability as a result of systemic inequalities.  In the face of these challenges, communities have been extraordinarily resourceful and resilient in improvising temporary and longer-lasting solutions to the challenges of COVID-19.  Through this funding opportunity, the Township of O’Connor will be replacing the current accessibility ramp at the O’Connor Community Centre, complete with new hand rail and accessible door.

2022- Ontario Trillium Foundation – Community Building Fund, Capital Stream, $88,200

Over the past seven years, projects funded through the Ontario Trillium Foundation have made significant contributions to the well-being of Ontarians.  This fund supports the recovery efforts of organizations impacted by COVID-19 and helps them respond with immediate, medium, and longer-term recovery projects.  The Resilient Communities Fund grants support projects that help rebuild an organization’s capacity, enhance their resiliency, and meet the changing needs of their communities.  With this funding, the Township of O’Connor will be able to retrofit our rink shack to provide additional space, storage, heat and lighting.  The rink will also receive a retrofit to provide a nice even concrete surface ensuring a better ice surface and prevent early melting, as well as an upgrade to include a well to provide easier access to water to flood the rink. 

2021/2022 – Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation – Workforce Development Stream Internship, $21,528

The intent of the Workforce Development Stream is to strengthen and develop Northern Ontario’s workforce through business partnerships by offering internships.  Through this funding, The Township of O’Connor is in the process of hiring an intern for its Roads Department as Equipment Operator #1.

2021 – Government of Canada – Canada Community Building Fund, $82,482 

The Canada Community-Building Fund (CCBF) is a permanent source of funding provided up front, twice-a-year, to provinces and territories, who in turn flow this funding to their municipalities to support local infrastructure priorities. Municipalities can pool, bank and borrow against this funding, providing significant financial flexibility.  In 2021, The Township of O’Connor utilized these funds to pay for the resurfacing of roads and the balance of the Landfill Site Study.

2021 – Government of Canada – Investing in COVID-19 Community Resilience, Canada Infrastructure Program, $100,000

In response to the impacts of COVID-19, The Government of Canada adapted the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program to assist municipal, territorial, provincial and Indigenous buildings, health infrastructure and schools in retrofitting buildings and improve ventilation.  The funding that the Township of O’Connor received will go to retrofitting the Municipal Roads Department Garage including improving the ventilation system.    

2021 – Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services – Fire Safety Grant Program, $4,700

This grant is intended to provide fire departments with the flexibility to support ongoing training needs including registration, administrative programming, technology upgrades and associated costs for attending as well as providing services.  The Township of O’Connor was able to use this grant to support the O’Connor Fire Department with training manuals and workbooks, as well as a portion of it to go towards Chrome books to allow for virtual training during COVID-19 lockdowns.

2021 – Hydro One – Energizing Life Community Fund, $15,000

The Township received funding for the purchase of a new emergency generator.  With the support of Hydro One’s “Energizing Life Community Fund,” the Township of O’Connor has ensured that the O’Connor Municipal Office and Council Chambers will remain operational as an Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) during a power interruption by providing funding for an emergency generator.

2021 – Canada Summer Jobs – Summer Student Wage Subsidy, $4,150

Canada Summer Jobs provides wage subsidies to employers from not-for-profit organizations, the public sector, and private sector organizations with 50 or fewer full-time employees, to create quality summer work experiences for young people aged 15 to 30 years.  With this funding, The Township of O’Connor hired a student for the summer performing work for the Township of O’Connor grounds.

2020/2021 – Government of Ontario COVID-19 Recovery Fund – Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, $81,152

Provided by The Ontario government, the Township of O’Connor received funding to address ongoing COVID-19 operating costs. The new financial relief will help ensure the delivery of critical services and keep capital projects on track.