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Official Plan Amendment Application #2023-01

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Notice of Application – Official Plan Amendment 2023-01 

Notice of Public meeting – January 8, 2024


Municipalities play a large role in the planning for the responsible use of land, both within their boundaries and regionally. Planning and development involves the appropriate use and management of land resources, provision of services and infrastructure, orderly development of new growth, management of risks, and proper decision-making models for land-related issues.

In Canada, land use planning is governed by provincial legislation (such as Ontario’s Planning Act). Municipal councils adopt land use plans and enact zoning by-laws to regulate land use planning and development within their jurisdiction. Applications for planning and development approvals are made to municipalities. The specific planning approvals required will depend on the nature of the proposed development.

Before purchasing land for which you have planning questions, you should contact the Township of O’Connor Municipal Office.  Staff can determine if you need to complete a planning application and what type is appropriate. They can also identify what information you may need to submit with your application.

Application requirements

Each application will include a list of required submissions. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • a complete application form
  • proof of ownership
  • proposed site plan and other drawings
  • the appropriate fee

Other materials may be requested as needed.  You must pre-consult with staff before you submit your application.  This will help to determine what those materials might be.  Staff can explain the process and discuss what else you might need to provide.  Incomplete or missing information will delay the processing of your application.

Official Plan Amendment Application

Zoning Amendment Application

Staff are here to help, please call or email them with any questions you may have so they can assist in making the process as streamlined as possible for you.

Contact the Township of O’Connor:

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